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Exclusive Services

We are proud to have developed specific business lines by establishing strong relationships with major players.


In 2024, we continue to strengthen our expertise around these 4 major lines.

BNP Paribas

Beefirst provided exceptional expertise in quantitative analysis, strengthening our investment strategy and delivering valuable insights.

Societe Generale

Their approach to IT project management was transformative. They expertly navigated our complex project with skill and efficiency


Beefirst played a crucial role in integrating our e-trading systems. Their technical expertise and tailored approach were invaluable


The Business Analysts from BeeFirst brought fresh perspectives and remarkable efficiency to our strategic decision-making process


With Beefirst, we enhanced our IT audit processes. Their in-depth knowledge and professionalism were major assets.


We understand challenges faced by healthcare organizations. We help you manage turnover and train caregivers effectively, optimize software and maintenance costs, and integrate/install software modules seamlessly into your system. Our expertise ensures you can manage and secure health data, prevent data leaks (cybersecurity), and ensure simple interconnection between all internal and external software (Middleware).

Project management end to end :

•Business needs gathering

•Ergonomic challenges

•Co-development of new features

•Change management

•Solution integration

•User training

•AGILE methodology



 - Time and materials contract / Staff increase with our expert consultants

Business Analysts

Project manager

 Quantitative Analysts


Software engineers (JAVA, C++, Python, C# .NET)

IT Support (application, technical)

- IT Transformation

Information System rationalization

Audit (rationalisation, standardisation)

IA intégration (Financial Dashboard, process optimisation, etc...)

- Program Integration

SAP ERP, Anaplan, UKG


Data & Cloud

 Cloud computing

  • Cloud Migration:

    • Helped AXA transition to cloud computing globally with Microsoft and IBM, enhancing scalability and reducing costs.

  • Platform Development:

    • Supported Engie in building a scalable cloud infrastructure on Azure and AWS for a new digital platform.


Data Expertise:

  • Effective data analysis to improve decision-making and personalize customer experiences.

  • Assisted Kering in building a modern data stack using AWS and GCP for better data visualization and monitoring.

Agile et DevOps

Agile & DevOps Adoption:

  • Enables rapid iteration, feedback gathering, and streamlined cloud-based infrastructure management.

  • Built a strong DevOps team for Sodexo, developing scalable global apps and improving operational efficiency.


Retail & e-Commerce

  • Digital Transformation:

    • Enhance customer engagement with mobile apps and personalized online experiences.

    • Example: Increased customer retention by 25% through a new mobile app.

  • e-Commerce Platform Development:

    • Optimize websites for better user experience and higher sales.

    • Example: Boosted sales by 15% by reducing page load times.

  • Customer Data Management:

    • Use analytics to tailor marketing campaigns.

    • Example: Improved targeted marketing effectiveness by 20%.

  • Supply Chain Optimization:

    • Improve inventory and logistics to cut costs and enhance delivery.

    • Example: Reduced stockouts by 30% and lowered costs by 10%.

  • Omnichannel Integration:

    • Integrate online and offline channels for seamless shopping.

    • Example: Increased sales by 12% with buy online, pick up in-store.

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