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Our Values

Looking for talents

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« Creating human adventures at the heart of IT and digital professions”

Beefirst leads, recruits and takes care of a community of talented IT and digital experts.

We seek the well-being and development of our internal teams and our consultants by involving them in the life of the company, by listening to them and offering them training and career development paths.

Prioritizing people is our driving force to create long-term relationships with our employees and customers.»

Our Story

Beefirst: Forging Success Through Empathy and Innovation

Founded in January 2017, Beefirst stands out for its unique approach that combines technical expertise with human understanding.

Delphine, our founder, although having little prior experience in IT, managed to create a company that emphasizes empathy and personal connection with IT managers and decision-makers.


A Different Approach

Driven by a sincere desire to make a difference, our founder identified a gap in the market.

IT managers and decision-makers often felt worn out by technical jargon and the lack of personal connection from their service providers.

She knew that understanding the context and pressures of these managers' roles was just as important as technical proficiency.

With this vision, she built Beefirst on a foundation of empathy, high-level technical skills, and a unique human approach to consulting.

This approach quickly made us a preferred partner in France.


Resilience and Growth

Faced with global challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, which hit shortly after the opening of Beefirst Japan, we maintained strong connections with our clients and teams through very regular online communications.

This adaptability strengthened our resilience.


A Promising Future

Today, Beefirst continues to grow and thrive, having opened in the United States in 2022 and now expanding into Canada. We remain committed to our vision of an IT consulting company that values people as much as technology.


Join Us on the Journey

Whether you are a client looking for an understanding partner or a consultant seeking a company that values your well-being, Beefirst is here for you.

Together, let's build a future where empathy and excellence go hand in hand.

Meet The Team

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