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About Us

Our Background

Founded by Delphine Lesueur in January 2017, Beefirst is a dynamic consulting and recruitment firm specializing in IT, Digital, and Artificial Intelligence.

With a creative, innovative, and robust approach, Beefirst excels in delivering top-tier talent and transformative projects across key sectors like Healthcare, Finance, Retail and Energy.

Our mission is to meet the evolving needs of our clients through tailored staff augmentation, SOW, and contingent services, as well as comprehensive IT transformation projects, including SAP modules implementation and other ERP (Finance & HR) solutions.


With a presence in France, Canada, the USA, and Japan, Beefirst is committed to driving success through expertise, reliability, and a proven track record of excellence.

Join us to build a future where technology and talent converge to create extraordinary outcomes.


Trust in our professionalism and experience to turn your vision into reality.


We Put Your Needs First

Staff Augmentation

We know the right team can make all the difference. Our IT recruitment isn't just about filling roles; it's about finding passionate experts who fit seamlessly into your vision, SOW or Contigent. Imagine having peace of mind, knowing skilled professionals are driving your projects forward. Let us enhance your team, so you can focus on leading with confidence.

Complex Project Management

M&A? SAP? new HR Systems? Embarking on an IT transformation can be an exciting journey with Beefirst. We unify your systems and implement cutting-edge solutions tailored to you. Imagine your operations running smoothly, empowered by the latest technology, making your business more agile and resilient. Let us turn your transformation challenges into growth opportunities.

Data Management

Automatization? AI? Cloud?

We know that data is your most valuable asset.

Our expertise in cloud computing and data services ensures your data is secure, accessible, and optimized. Imagine transforming raw data into actionable insights with ease. Let us manage your data so you can make informed decisions and drive your business forward with confidence.

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